-the first cell phone costs $3, 955!

-A mom fashioned her daughter a prom dress of Starburst wrappers!

-A man kidnapped himself for $40,000 ransom!

-Molopoly was intended to teach about the EVILS of capitalism!

-President Harry Truman fell in love with his future wife when he was 6 years old!

-The rapper T.I. saved a man from suicide!

-A postman built a castle with the stones he found on his route!

-A Veitnamese woman aged 50 years in a few days!

-The girlfriend of the founder of dumped him... for a man she met on!

-There's a rare disease whose victims appear to turn into stone!

-Jack o'lanterns were originally carved from turnips, potatoes, or beets!

-The creators of Youtube originally were working on a dating site called Tune in Hook Up!

-Penguins might have outlived dinosaurs!

-A woman in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only used to be a man!

-Three Pixar films actually show blood!

-The game Battleship is going to be a movie!

- The ancestor of whales could walk on land!

A man carried a baby in his body after getting surgery to become a man.


Your Brain. Exploded.

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