Th angry boy cartoon

Hmm, somewhat famaliar

Why's Abbey Mad? By: Gossip Girl 87659 AKA Abab9

Why am I mad? On the hottest gossip specimens on FOX NEWS 11': IT'S WONDERFUL! CHA!

Why am I mad? Because a certain Rylo Carlverson mad fun, of me, accused me, and got his mom the wrong picture. Her's what happened:

We were timing each other how long it would take to run a short distance and for Rylo I counted 25 seconds. He started crying, ran inside, crying. Me and his sister Tonya were upset for him so we were about to check on him when he burstout sayin , "You either counted by 2's or just don't know how to count! That's what my mom said and I agree!" So I said , "I'm gonna go."

School was even worse. So immature.

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