So, it was the first day of school, and Mr. Klein was already pulling my threads. He made me go to Mrs. Kelly's room and steal her lunch. She gave me a plastic spatula, with a booger on it. He said , "Throw it on her feetand say he's not eating this." So I threw it at her feet and said he wasn't eating this. She said, "Well, that was rude." then later she came in and insulted our alphabet line. Mr. Klein said, "There's nothing wrong with my alphabet line." To witch she replied, "Yea, for 1950." And then he dissed her down with a ,"Yea, just a year younger than you!" We all rooted an "OH!!" And then they had a fight in Mrs. Kelly's room, we chanted, "MR.KLEIN! MR. KLEIN!" And that was our crazy day in 5th grade.

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