All the News on an all new series: The Chosen!!!! Ask Percabeth17 to make your character!

Characters SO FAR...


Darrien Blaze - Light

Mei Pib Floch (Pib)-Physchic
  • Mei "Pib" Floch
  • Fay Pace
  • Chris Ever
  • Drake Chantler
  • Gracie Chantler
  • Logan Chogse
  • Megan Kane

Max Trischer- Ice


Fay Pace-Rainbow

Chris Ever- Water

Megan Kane-Darkness


Drake Chantler-Fire

Gracie Chantler-Ligthning

Logan Chogse-Air

(You can make a total of 4 people each!) SNEAK PEAK!

"There's no way your a physchic, there's no such thing!" Darrien retorted. "Oh yeah?" "Yeah." "Look behind you." Pib answered.

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