All your information right here!

How To Make a Wiki

Go to Wikia Home Page and click start a wiki. Then give it a cool name, and make it about your interests, like on this wiki, everyone goes to the same school!

Wikia Staff

Wikia staff are always there if you need advice, help, or just have a question. I usually go to Sannse, Kirkburn, or Wendy. But that's just me. There are many other staff for you to get to know. Just explore the Central Wiki Community Central Wiki.

Getting Popular

Are you the only one on your wiki? No problem. Go to the Central Wiki Community Central Wiki and request a spotlight. Also, spread the word to family and friends. Is a friend moving? Wikia is a great way to be pen pals!

Other Questions?

Ask! Leave me a message on my talk page. I'll respong ASAP!


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