Now, here are some presents that you can call. The first person to "call" one of the presents gets that one. You can call a present by commenting "I call the (present)!" I will give you it when school starts again. Here they are:

Pencil Grip (I've got 2), Sparkle pencil, Paper shoe(not life size), Black weird texture pencil, *Mystery Gift*, and a *phony photo of your choice!*(I've got 3)

  • Mystery Gift and Phony Photos can be recieved whenever you'd like. Mystery gift will either be suprise page, 10 phony Photos, or the privelege to ban anyone from the Wiki. (of course, run it through Mariah first.) When you want to recieve your Mysery Gift/s leave a message on my talk page and I will do so. If you get 10 phony photos leave another message saying what you want them to be. Same thing if you called a phony photo.*

Here is the list of people who can call presents

Beatriz, Percabeth17, Jessica168, Devaughn, KayKay, Kelkel12.

Sorry, I forgot some of your numbers.

If you think you should be on this list, comment below. I won't allow it if you have been guilty at court. Good Day!!!!!!!

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