Chelsea Kane

How can you resist THIS!

Welcome to Fox News 2011's original program, MAKEOVER!! here we learn how to get many looks from many celebs.

Chelsea Kane's Beachy Waves:

Soak your hair in Organic Raspberry Shampoo for a fresh scent. Avoid Artifical products. Naturals give your hair a healthy glow. Now soak edges in Dove Damage Therapy Conditioner to remove any unwanted tangles. Dry hair and brush well. Now, scrunch with moose . After that, Curl the near bottom. If you have longer hair pull it up in a loose, sloppy bun. Let the beachy breeze blow!

Zendaya's Healthy Skin:

Make a Banana/Avacado mash mask! First, take 2 overipened bananas and 1 rather squishy avacado. Now Peel and pit the avacado. In a small bowl, put in avacado flesh. Add a squirt of lime juice, then add peeled bananas. mash very well. For a fresher scent, add 2/3 more squirts of lime juice. Apply gently to your face. Avoid eyes. After 5/10 minutes of relaxation, unaply mask.

Selena's smoky glow:

Cover your eyelids and sides of each eye with Coconut oil. Now Apply dark purple eyeshadow to the bottom half of your eyelid with a tail. For the upper eyelid, add a lighter shade of purple eyeshadow. Using a tissue, lightly dab your eyelid and tail, making it a more messy, smoky look.

Lucy Hale's feather clip:

Take one light colored feather and a black feather. Twist together and slip in the back of a clip. Stick on the upper sidde of your head.

Next week- Get Rhianna's side cut!

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